Dr. A.R. Tavakolpour-Saleh

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)

Contact: - Tel. & Fax: +98 713 7264102  - Email: tavakolpour@sutech.ac.ir


Research Interests:

Mechatronics, Adaptive & Intelligent Control, Active Vibration/Force Control, Computational Intelligence (Neural Networks, Fuzzy logic, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms), Instrumentation & Measurement, Robotics & Automation, System Identification, Robot Vision, Energetic Systems and Stirling Engines


Honors and Awards

  • 8thKhwarizmi International Award 2006 in Mechanical Eng. Iran. 
  • GOLD medal of 21th International Invention Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX2010) in Aerospace an Aviation Category. 
  • Academic scholarship and research Grant from University of Technology Malaysia.
  •  Best student award 2010 from scientific representative of Iran ministry of science at South-East Asia.
  • Member of Iran's National Elites Foundation
  • Member of Iranian Inventors Association


1 - Computerized Tachometer Equipped with Stroboscopic System for Preventing Errors, (Patent No.: 31693, Iran)

2 - An ice-powered Stirling Engine, (Patent No.: 34167, Iran)

3 - Solar Stirling Engine with Limited Temperature Equipped with Flat-Plate Solar Collector, (Patent No.: 35583, Iran)

4- A Novel Active Vibration Control System for Flexible Structures, (South-East Asia patent)

5- Electrical power generation from waste energy of vehicles using ratchet-crank-sprocket mechanism (Patent No.: 82990-1393/03/11)

6- A novel solar-powered intelligent active LTD Stirling pump